Yesterday I tried to take Birdy shopping.  I wanted to buy something cute for her to wear this winter.  It wasn’t a great success.  I showed her some gorgeous little jeans.  ‘Would you like those, Birdy?’  ‘I don’t need jeans,’ she said, ‘I got my own jeans.’   “How about this cute hat?  Isn’t that beautiful?’  ‘I’ve got my own hat,’ she replied.  ‘I like this dress, Birdy.’   ‘I not need a dress.  I’ve got my own pretty dress.’ 

It’s not as though Birdy doesn’t enjoy wearing pretty things.  Just today she asked me to wear one of her favourite skirts.  It’s just that she honestly believes she has enough clothes.  Why would she need to buy something when she already has one?

So this afternoon we abandoned shopping and went for a walk to our local park.  We stumbled upon a grassy area covered in dandilions.  Birdy was overwhelmed with excitement at the abundance of her discovery.  ‘Look Mum!  Look at all those dandilions!’  Happily we ploughed through the overgrown grass, picking dandilions with reckless abandon, blowing their petals and watching them flutter off on the breeze.  Birdy had everything she wanted.  And so did I.