Well it had to happen sooner or later.  Last weekend we had our very first trip to hospital with Birdy.  I suppose I should be pleased we got to two and a half without any major misadventures, but I was suprised by just how affected I was emotionally by the experience.

Birdy had had a temperature of 39.5 for two days and the GP was quite worried by how lethargic she was.   She’d done nothing but sit on my lap crying for the entire time.  She couldn’t even walk across the room, let alone eat or drink hardly anything.  So the GP packed us off to the Children’s Hospital to get some tests done.

The worst bit was having to physically pin her to the bed while they put a catheter up her, then holding her down for ten minutes, while she screamed hysterically when they did the blood test.  And then to top it all off, when we got home again, she wouldn’t let me touch her at all, because I’d pinned her down while all sorts of strangers did nasty things to her.  So I was Public Enemy Number One for the rest of the day. 

Birdy’s fine now.  It was just a virus.  But while we were at the hospital waiting for our results, we saw a young girl in the cafeteria who was really in a bad way.  She was rake thin and half her hair had fallen out and it was just heartbreaking to see.  And as we left the Children’s Hospital, I noticed a sign to the oncology ward and I just couldn’t imagine how terrible it must be to have a child with cancer.  Or to have any child who might not survive.  And I went home feeling so grateful to have such a healthy girl.

Do you remember your first trip to hospital with your child?  What was the experience like?  If your child is accident prone, perhaps hospital has become a second home for you….  If you have a child with a more serious illness or disability, how has your family coped?

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