Photo by Scott Sanders

Photo by Scott Sanders

It was a big week in the Roe household.  Birdy had to perform a duty of immense responsibility last weekend – she was flower girl at a friend’s wedding.

Two-and-a-half is on the young side for a flower girl, so we’ve been building up to this event for some time, even if the bride was extremely relaxed about the whole affair.  We didn’t go shopping for the flower girl dress, we just googled around to get a few ideas.  When I found something online that looked OK, the bride said, ‘Sure, get that one.’  ‘What about this one?’ I asked, clicking on a completely different style.  ‘Sure, that looks fine too,’ she said.  I ordered them both.

A few weeks went by and I eagerly checked the post everyday.  When nothing turned up, I was starting to get a bit worried.  Maybe I’d been conned.  The wedding was five weeks away.  I emailed the company website to check on my order.  No response.  I’d definitely been scammed.  I did a run over to Myer to see if I could get something off the rack.  Just as I was starting to panic, the parcel came in the post.  I’ll never forget the look in Birdy’s eyes when she saw the beautiful white dress with the flowers and bows and the heavenly puffed sleeves.  She was so excited when she saw herself in the mirror, looking so beautiful.  She was especially excited about the satiny white bloomers that came with it.  She kept lifting her dress to admire them in the mirror.  I had visions of Birdy walking down the aisle, excitedly showing her underpants to the entire church.  At two-and-a-half, anything was possible.

The rehearsal went brilliantly.  Birdy walked all the way down the aisle, holding her imaginary basket of flowers, into the arms of her proud father who was waiting at the front of the church.  Then she did it again.  And again.  This was going to be a piece of (wedding) cake.

Of course, it wasn’t quite so simple when the church was full of people.  I didn’t exactly have to drag her down the aisle, but she did drag me with her.  Being too shy to throw the rose petals out of the basket when everybody was watching her, she waited until the ceremony started, and surreptitiously chucked bunches of rose petals at the bride when she thought nobody was looking.  Once she’d warmed up, she ran up and down the aisle scattering rose petals everywhere.  Then, when the bride turned to face her husband-to-be to make her vows, she was surrounded by a perfect ring of rose petals.  Good one, Birdy.

With the ceremony over, we moved onto the morning tea.  Somehow, Birdy managed to scoff five scones with jam and cream without getting a single spot of jam on her flower girl dress.  I was seriously expecting some kind of major disaster involving tomato sauce, cream and orange fizzy drink, but there wasn’t so much as a drop of jam spilt, let alone anything as disastrous as a projectile vomit or a leaking nappy.

If the wedding ceremony was relaxed, the reception was even more so.  I can honestly say it’s the only wedding I’ve been to where the groom spent half the reception on the floor playing Mr Potato Head with a two year old.  They even let Birdy blow out the decorative tea-light candles when they cut the wedding cake.  I got the feeling they probably would have sung a round of Happy Birthday if Birdy had demanded it.  Thankfully she didn’t.

Deprived of her afternoon nap, Birdy was just starting crumble as we waved goodbye to the bride and groom at five o’ clock.  So all in all, Birdy’s debut performance as flower girl was a disaster-free event.  I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed that we wasted such a golden opportunity to win a new surround sound stereo system from Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, (the underwear flashing could have paid dividends) but I’m certainly relieved we got through the day without a temper tantrum, vomit or allergic reaction.  That, in itself felt like a major achievement.

Has your child ever been a flower girl or pageboy? Maybe you remember being a flower girl as a child, or had a flower girl at your own wedding. How did it go on the day?  Did they get stage fright, or perform perfectly?  Why not share your story with the rest of us?

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