I got a scary little insight into gender relations the other night, when we visited friends with a three-year-old boy.

Birdy and her little friend Samuel, were watching Charlie and Lola together.  Every twenty seconds or so, Birdy would reach over to affectionately pat Samuel’s hair.  Each time Samuel would swipe her hand away and look at her with an expression that said, “What are you doing?  Can’t you see I’m trying to watch telly?”  After repeating this tactic a few times, Birdy got the hint that she wasn’t winning over his affection and learnt the lesson that there is just one way to a man’s heart – through his stomach.  So she started breaking off little pieces of her corn cracker and feeding them to him, which he accepted without so much as glancing away from the tele.  Something about this little scenario reminded me so much of how men and women relate all the time.  Women are always looking to connect with their partners and be affectionate, while men so often just want to be left alone in peace!

Fortunately for Birdy, she did get a big good-night cuddle out of Samuel before bed so her affections weren’t completely unrequited!