Wow!  What a day!  Birdy got through the entire day from start to finish without watching a single scrap of television.  Not a DVD.  Or even a video on the internet.  But you know what’s even more amazing?  She went for a whole day without even asking to ‘watching some-ping’.  I can’t remember the last time she did that.

Now is it just a coincidence that she was also as sweet as an angel today?  She didn’t muck up.  She didn’t throw any wobblies.  She didn’t get grumpy.  She helped me beautifully with the sweeping and the grocery shopping.  She even had a daytime sleep and woke up happily.  Normally after she watches TV she gets quite grumpy.  And often after a sleep she wakes up in a filthy mood.  But not today.  Today she was as good as gold.

Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the new swing-set in the backyard.  Some friends of ours are moving overseas, so to keep their girls happy, they decided not to sell the swing set, but just to ‘lend’ it to us instead.  That way their girls can still feel as though they own the swing-set and can have it back if or when they return.  This morning, as soon as she finished breakfast, Birdy asked to go outside for a swing.  (Normally she asks me to ‘watch some-ping’.)  Then as she sat there, swinging away, she said, “It’s so lovely to have a swing here.”  I was like, “Who is this angel child and what have you done with my Birdy?”

I have no idea whether the little angel will make a reappearance again tomorrow, but I wanted to write about it today,  just to remind myself that days like this do exist.  Days when the world is peaceful, a swing-set is all it takes to keep a child happy, and my Birdy is a perfect little angel.