For the last few days, hubby has been telling me that Birdy has decided what she wants to buy me for Christmas.  He’s been telling her repeatedly not to tell me and trying to explain to her that she has to keep it a secret.

Fortunately, there’s a Charlie and Lola episode that follows the same theme.  Lola knows what Charlie’s birthday suprise is, and Charlie spends the whole episode trying to stop Lola from telling him the secret, so the surprise won’t be ruined.   “It’s just like on Charlie and Lola,” Daddy’s been patiently explaining.  “You can’t tell Mummy what you’re giving her for Christmas.  It’s a surprise.”

So yesterday I dropped Daddy and Birdy at our local shopping centre to do the deed.  Birdy was excited.  She was trying so hard to hold it in.  But just before we arrived at the shops, she blurted out, “We’re going to buy you some new pajamas, Mum.”

“Oh, Birdy!  You’re not supposed to tell.  It’s meant to be a surprise.  Don’t say anything else.”

“They are going to be purple, Mum.”

So much for surprises.  Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

“Well that would be lovely, Birdy.  I love purple pajamas.”

I just hope she doesn’t actually show them to me before Christmas.