Anyone would think we were big drinkers in our house, judging by some of the comments that come out of Birdy’s mouth.  (I assure you, we’re not!)  I recently noted on Facebook that I was lost for words when Birdy asked me: ‘Why can’t monks go to the pub?’  Seriously, how do you answer that question?  (The funniest answer I got on FB was something about sandals violating the dress regulations!)

But even more alarming (or amusing, depending on your point of view) was this little conversation she role-played with a couple of dolls.

Doll 1:  What’s your name?

Doll 2:  Um, I forget.  Because I was out very late at the pub last night.

Doll 1:  Why would being at the pub make you forget?

Doll 2:  Because I just had a drink that makes you forget things.

As you can imagine, hubby and I nearly fell off our chairs when we heard that.  I’m hoping it’s just one of those flukey coincidences; that Birdy made something random up and it just happened to make sense.  If not, I’m wondering how she’s sneaking out at night without anybody noticing.  Should I be concerned?