Photo from the Say No 4 Kids website

I just want to let all my readers know about a campaign to get pornography out of the faces of our kids.  It’s so normal in this country that we don’t even notice that our kids are exposed to pornographic images every time they go to the cornerstore, the newsagent or a service station.

Although there’s been a lot of name-calling in the mainstream media, you don’t have to be a ‘wowser’, a ‘religious nutter’ or an advocate of a ‘nanny-state’ to support this campaign.  You see, it’s not actually about stopping adults accessing porn if they so wish.  But just as alcohol is sold in bottle shops, pornography should be sold in adult shops so kids don’t have to walk past it to get to their colouring books.

The internet is a bigger problem, I know that.  But parents at least can exercise some control over their kids’ internet usage.  These mags are just on display for everyone to see.  If you’re concerned, sign the petition and find out more at the sites below.  I’ve added my name to the petition.

Say No 4 Kids and Kids Free 2 B Kids