I’ve got a bit of a problem.  I wouldn’t mind some help with it.  You see, my delightful daughter just will not keep her clothes on.   She loves nothing better than to take off every stitch of clothing and run around the garden naked.

You might think the cold weather would deter her, but no.  The other day I was washing up at the kitchen sink while Birdy was swinging in the backyard and I was sort of watching her out of the corner of my eye.  Anyway, when I finished and went outside, there she was still swinging, but with no pants on!  She’d taken herself to the toilet and just not bothered to put her clothes back on.  Even though it was quite chilly outside, she was happily swinging away, nudey rudey!

Actually it’s quite the norm in our street.  Half the kids in the neighbourhood run around the backyard with no clothes on.  Some of them even do it in their front yard and nobody seems to mind.  But I’m just curious about at what age that becomes no longer socially acceptable.  At 2 or 3, it seem to be OK for kids to run around in their birthday suits, whether it’s their birthday or not.   But she’s three and a half now, and I’m just wondering when I have to start cracking the whip, stamping the foot and saying, ‘Right, that’s it.  No more stickers without your knickers’ or words to that effect.

Because no matter how much myself, my husband or my sister tell Birdy to keep her clothes on, she just seizes any opportunity to be free of them.  And I don’t want to crush her earthy, independent spirit, but at some point it’s going to have to stop.  Either that or we’ll have to move to a remote Pacific Island where its more socially acceptable to wear very little.

Do your kids like to be nudey rudey?  Have you managed to control their exhibitionist tendencies?  At what age is it no longer acceptable for kids to run around the backyard with no clothes on?