Hi all, thanks for your patience over the past few weeks as this blog has been somewhat neglected.  As you probably know I usually update on Fridays but the last few weeks we’ve had a few health challenges.  Right after Birdy recovered from her tonsillitis, I came down with it.  Then on Sunday night, we were in a car accident (we’re all OK, but got a fright).  Then last Thursday we were back in hospital as Birdy suffered quite a bad asthma attack.  We were in overnight (exhausting!) and returned home late on Friday morning.  So hence, no blog post last week.  Birdy is doing fine now, but yes it was quite scary as her oxygen levels were dangerously low and she was really struggling to breathe.  In fact, the GP questioned whether it was asthma because she couldn’t hear any wheeze.  We were later told that there was no wheeze because she wasn’t getting enough air into her lungs to create a wheeze.  However, once she started receiving treatment for her asthma she improved dramatically.  Needless to say we are extremely relieved.  Thanks for  your patience and please check back soon.