The triplets, photo used with permission

I received an interesting email at work yesterday that I want to share with you.  It went like this.

Hi Katrina.  Wondering if you can help.  I have a friend with triplets who has been given sooooo many newborn nappies that her 3 have outgrown them before she has used them all.

They are all Huggies and all still in packaging, but with no receipts the shops aren’t letting her take them back.

Is there any chance we could get behind her and see if people who need newborn nappies would be willing to buy a bigger size and then swap them to support her?  Happy to arrange a drop off and collection from anywhere in the area.  Thanks, Helen.

Of course this email touched my heart.  Firstly, I remember how expensive it was buying nappies all the time and can’t imagine what it must be like for triplets.  Secondly, I just thought it was really sweet that Helen would go to such lengths for  her friend.  So I gave Helen a call today to find out more details.

Helen’s friend, Sarah has six-month-old triplets.  She also has a two-year-old daughter, so she’s probably actually buying nappies for four kids!  Ouch.  Sarah’s triplets were born ten weeks premature so even though they’re six months old, they’re a little smaller than most.  However, they’ve outgrown their newborn nappies and are ready to move onto the 3 – 8 kg size (or bigger).

Both Helen and her friend Sarah live near the Hills District in the North West of Sydney (Glenwood and Castle Hill) so if you live not far from there and need some newborn nappies, they’d love to hear from you.  Thanks to the generosity of her church friends Sarah has plenty of newborn nappies to spare. She has 2 boxes of 4 x 36 napppies, 6 packets of 36 nappies and 3 packets of 54 nappies.  That’s a lot of nappies and they ain’t cheap, so you can see why Helen wants to help her exchange them.

So if you live in the Northwest of Sydney and  are expecting a baby, have a newborn, or have a friend with a newborn, here’s how you can help.  Either offer to buy some of the newborn nappies from Helen at the retail price, or buy a packet of 32 nappies in the next size up (3 – 8 kg) to swap with her!  Then all you need to do is contact Helen by email to arrange the pickup and drop-off.  Her email is nolanmh @ bigpond dot net dot au.  Or if you comment here, I can get your email address and pass it onto Helen.

Thanks Sydney Mums.  Hope we can help each other out!