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Thought I’d share this for those of  you who love blogging!  In my radio show on Hope 103.2, I started a blog review segment called Best of the Blogs.  In this segment, my blog reviewer, Carla Gee Schneider has hunted down some of the most interesting and original blogs from all around the world to share with Hope 103.3 listeners.

Unfortunately Carla won’t be able continue as my blog reviewer, due to other commitments.  So just this week she passed on the reins to Jennifer Reid from the blog Life’s Like a Cupcake.

Both Carla and Jen are really passionate about the medium of blogging – the way it links people together, the way it’s a democratic medium that gives people a voice, and the way you have total control over when and what you write about.

So here’s to blogging.  And here’s an excerpt from Carla’s post on her blog, Chasing Cakes.

Since August last year, I have had a short segment on Hope 103.2FM called Best of the Blogs, on Katrina Roe’s morning show. When Katrina first asked me to be part of her show as a blog reviewer, I was really excited! I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and I have also been blogging since 2003. I’m really passionate about the medium of blogs, as it is a democratic medium that allows anyone to publish their work, whether that be writing, photography, drawing, recipes…anything! I loved researching the blogs that I reviewed, and sharing interesting blogs with the listeners of Hope 103.2FM. It was also lots of fun being on the radio. Although I had done acting work before, I had never done radio.

Sadly, the time has come for me to say goodbye to my role as blog reviewer for Best of the Blogs. I am currently studying to be an art teacher, and I am in my final year of uni. This semester, I will be working at a school as part of my internship, and in the following semester, I will be writing an honours thesis. Because of these new commitments, I won’t be able to do Best of the Blogs anymore.

However, the exciting news is that Best of the Blogs will be gaining a new reviewer: my blog buddy,Jennifer Reid! I reviewed Jennifer’s blog, Life is Like a Cupcake a few months ago, and we have become blog friends since then! From the moment I first read Jen’s blog, I could tell that she was a warm, intelligent woman, who was glorifying God through her blog and her daily actions. I am thrilled that she will be the new blog reviewer for Best of the Blogs, and she was the only person that I could think of who had the blogging knowledge, passion and experience (plus a bright personality!) that this role required! She is so passionate about blogs, whether she is reading blogs, supporting other bloggers through comments and emails, or writing in her own spirited and inspiring blog. I want to wish Jen all the best for her new venture. I know that she will be incredible in her new role!

Read more of Carla’s story here…

Listen to the podcast here…

Thanks Carla for all your hard work over the year and welcome Jen.  Happy Blogging everyone!