I really thought I was in an episode of Outnumbered tonight.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about 2 normal but slightly hopeless parents who are completely outmaneuvered by their 3 children.  My sister-in-law gave me the first 3 series on DVD for my birthday and I devoured them in about 3 weeks.  It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so close to the truth.

Tonight Birdy decided to play the role of horror child ‘Ben’ by telling me over dinner that I had a ‘big fat belly’.  Thanks so much darling.  Did you pick up those lovely manners at school?  In the first week?

So after I’d given Birdy dinner, then fed the baby and rocked her to sleep, it was time to get Birdy into bed.  Or so I thought.  But no, she couldn’t go to bed until we’d fed and rocked all three of her baby dollies to sleep.  We had to find them clothes, we had to wrap them and burp them and play them lullabies.  After half an hour of this I firmly told Birdy that her real Mummy had to get her real baby into bed.  I kissed her goodnight and snuggled her and in response she told me I had ‘an ugly face’.   Delightful!  In spite of the insults, we’d had a nice evening and I was feeling loving, so I sat with her for ten minutes holding her hand while she fell asleep.

Now for some ‘me time’. Fat ugly Mummy decided she needed some dessert after all that!

Just as I sat down with my cuppa, up popped Birdy like the proverbial jack-in-the-box.  “Mum, Anna’s crying.” (Anna is her second baby doll!)  I need you to feed her and rock her cause I’m too tired.  It’s really hard work looking after three babies.”

You don’t say.