It’s allergy awareness week this week.  I was moved to write about this after hearing that parents in the US were picketing in protest and declaring that a peanut-allergic child should be home schooled.  One parent even said that he’d like to smear peanut butter all over the allergic child’s locker.  The cause of all this outrage?  Students had to wash their hands before entering the class in the morning and after lunch.  At one stage they were also having their mouth washed out.  What’s so terrible about hand-washing you might ask?  Well the parents complained that it was taking away from study-time.
How would that allergic child feel, knowing that her classmates’ parents were waving banners around, protesting her presence at the school?  I’ve shared some of my thoughts and experiences as the parent of a peanut allergic child on Wendy Harmer’s website, The Hoopla.