My eldest daughter started kindy this year.  I’m very new at being a school parent and it’s been a steep learning curve for us all.  But now that we’re four months into the school year I think we’re finally starting to get the hang of doing homework.

I don’t think we ever had to do homework at such a young age.

I know we had to do the occasional project and I remember that we used to go home with spelling words to learn in the primary years, but we certainly didn’t have homework in kindy.

It can’t hurt to get into good habits of learning and being disciplined. 

I was talking about this with my husband.  He said he didn’t do any study at all in all his 13 years of school.  If he had assignments, he did them the night before.  He still struggles to be organised and disciplined and I think it’s held him back a little in some areas of his life.  So he certainly wants to see our children form good habits around study and discipline.

The other good thing about homework is that it gives parents a chance to see what their kids are learning and how they’re going with it.

My daughter just gets two pages to complete and they get the whole week to complete it.  Homework books come home on Monday and they have to be handed back in on Friday so it’s not too bad.

For first term we were really quite haphazard with doing homework.  The first time she brought back homework, Birdy was so excited she did it straight away.  But she was also sometimes diving in when I wasn’t able to supervise properly – like when I was cooking dinner or feeding the baby.  So sometimes she was starting it, but not finishing it, or working in pen and making mistakes and crossing them out, or not following the instructions properly – it was all over the place.

It all came to a head about two weeks ago. 

It was Friday morning and her homework still wasn’t finished.  She was supposed to be finishing it while she was eating breakfast.  I turned my back for five minutes and when I came back, she was cutting up bubble wrap and dipping it in blue paint to make a cloudy sky picture.  Very creative and all, but not getting the homework done!

That was when I thought: this just isn’t working!  Something has to change.

Birdy’s homework last week. To draw and label a farm animal.

Now we have a designated homework time.  Homework has to be done between 4pm and 5pm on Tuesday afternoon.  No play dates.  No TV.  No playing outside.  And either myself or my husband has to sit with her the entire time and supervise properly.  Not half supervising while talking on the phone or cooking dinner but really giving it our full attention.  So we tried it for the first time last week and the difference was amazing!  She still did all the work herself, but it was so much better, so much neater, and it was all finished in one easy sitting. Then when it was finished I said, “Well done, you can watch TV for half an hour now!”  So I hope we can stick with that routine and make homework easier for everyone.

Do you think kids get too much homework now?  Do you struggle to get them to complete it?  Do you think it’s a helpful skill for kids to learn to do homework, or is too much pressure on children and their parents?