Sometimes I miss living a life that was a little more adventurous than the life I’m living right now.

I live in hope that when my kids are a bit older we might do more kayaking or hiking or family camping trips.  We haven’t really done a lot of that so far.  But in my heart I also believe that being adventurous is just as much about being open to ideas and possibilities that come up in everyday life.  So on the first day of the school holidays we went for a little bushwalk and Caillie told me she wanted to camp in the backyard and have a midnight feast.  Because I’d dearly love to foster a spirit of adventure in my children, if I was half the mother I would like to be I would have rushed home and set up the tent.  But I was tired, and it felt like just a bit too much effort.  So instead I said, “Why don’t we have a campfire and cook sausages and bacon for dinner and toast marshmallows by the fire, but then go back inside to sleep…”  I think it was the marshmallows that clinched it.

What kid doesn’t love toasting marshmallow’s by the fire?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAActually building a fire is pretty damn fun too.  Collecting the sticks, discussing which ones look like they would burn well, building it up in just the right arrangement.  I must say I was quite proud of my fire.  Normally my husband likes to don the Akubra, play the part of the bushman and expertly fan the flames, but he was still at work, so I actually enjoyed doing it myself for once.  We all had sooo much fun!  We really felt like we were away on holidays camping.  Never mind that the Billy tea was full of sticks and the sausages were burnt to a crisp – it was so dark we couldn’t actually see what we were eating which was probably just as well!   But we had an awesome adventure in our own back yard. I even went foraging in the fridge for milk and heated up Molly’s bedtime bottle in the billy, which I thought was very hardcore considering there was a microwave just inside the back door. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And the best bit was that after we’d lazed around the campfire drinking tea and snacking on marshmallows, when the mozzies started eating us for dinner, we could all go back inside.  By that time, the kids were so tired out from their dinner in the dark that they were both tucked up in bed by seven-thirty!  My sister and I still had time to have a glass of red wine and watch To Rome with Love (How funny is the opera singer in the shower?)

As much as it’s fun to be an adventurer, it’s also quite nice to be suburban! 

Have you had adventures with your children?  What age did they start to be able to handle slightly more adventurous activities?  Are there things you miss from life before babies?

PS.  For Mums on a budget, his was probably also the cheapest fun I’ve had with my kids for a long time!