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Peppa PigWow, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I’ve forgotten how to get around wordpress!  The last few months have been busy, exciting and tiring as my husband and I have settled into new jobs, with me returning to work for the first time since having Miss Molly 2 years ago!  We celebrated Molly’s birthday on the weekend with a little Peppa Pig party in the park, the weather appropriately ensuring there were lots of real life muddy puddles to go with the muddy puddle biscuits and cupcakes!  Phew!

But of course, between working, kids and piles of washing, there is still a writer inside me, trying to escape.  In the last few months I have written a new short story (Tea and Sympathy) a new picture book text (Lilly’s Balloon) and  a piece of serious poetry (Missed).  All these works seem to be about loss and grief in one form or another, but they are mostly hopeful as well.  In different ways, we’ve all been slowly moving from a period of grief to a period of sad acceptance over losing baby Alexander back in late March.  He is never far from our thoughts.

Last weekend we also celebrated my niece, Lilly’s christening.  Lilly was born just a few days before we lost our Alexander and she is now 8 months old, so it was a very real measure of the passing of time, and not without some sadness for our little family.  What a wonderfully happy occasion it would have been if we were also holding our little three month old, Alexander, while celebrating Molly’s second birthday and Lilly’s christening with our family last weekend.  Instead, the sadness was always just a little below the surface for us.

But I am also looking forward to Molly’s third Christmas.  This will probably be the first time she can meaningfully share in the joy of Christmas with the other kids.  I’m also excited about the prospect of catching up with some old friends in the Riverina when we head west for our Christmas celebrations.  All friends are precious, but there is something wonderful about the friendships that endure from childhood.  Distant, hazy, memories of past Christmases and childhood birthdays, ham and heat, ice cream and water fights, imbue our adult get-togethers with a sense of nostaglia and completeness (in my mind anyway!)  Seeing the next generation of kids create precious memories with the children of old friends and family is something I can’t help but cherish.

If you’re in Sydney before Christmas, I hope you might consider popping down to the Meet the Author Christmas Book Market in Ryde on Thursday Dec 5.  It’s a particular passion of mine to see authors supporting each other’s work and getting good books into the hands of readers.  Slowly we are forging a little community of Christian writers in Sydney and lifting the standard of professionalism.  Together we can hopefully see our work reaching further afield and finding the people who can be blessed by it.  At Christmas particularly, I’m hopeful that we can give gifts that sustain, nourish and uplift, rather than consuming goods that leave us feeling bloated on the excesses of a materialistic, consumerist culture.  Blah!

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