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Please explain: what terrible thing do you think is going to happen if you fall asleep?  Because last time you took a nap, three weeks ago, I don’t think the sky fell in.  Or are you worried you’re going to miss out on something wonderful?  I promise you, sweetheart, I am just going to hang the washing while you’re asleep.  I’m not going to invite all the neighbourhood bubbies over for a bounce and a babyccino while you’re napping.

I know you said you don’t eat green things, but broccoli is VERY different to zuchini.  They’re not even in the same family.  OK, pear it is then.

Yes, those really are YOUR hands and YOU are actually controlling them.  I’ve been trying to tell you this for five months now, but I get the feeling you still don’t believe me.  Seriously, why would I lie to you about this?  I’m your mother.

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